Why are our kitchens unique?

Get familiarized with our metodology designed to cater your needs.


Step 1: Understanding

The key to our success lies in our analysis and understanding of your needs. We study your home dynamics, your use of space, your taste and functional requirements in order to ensure the space caters to your every need.

process 2.jpg

Step 2: Preliminary design + Budget

Following our analysis of our clients backgrounds and individual needs, we work with them to understand their goals and ideals before proposing a preliminary design. We incorporate rounds of feedback and adjust our proposal to obtain the greatest results within the available budget.


Step 3: Build project

We project manage the entire build, beginning to end. We start by creating a work scheme and timeline to ensure the minimum impact possible on the household routine. We then oversee the whole construction and execution process.


Step 4: Installation + Project delivery

We coordinate everything associated with the final installations, ensuring every detail is oversaw in order to deliver your brand new kitchen 100% finished and ready to use.